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Attendance: Daily Attendance Report

Last Updated: Sep 04, 2015 04:37PM EDT

Skedula allows teachers to view a report of the daily, or school official, attendance for students.
To view the Daily Attendance Report, follow the instructions below.

Step 1

Click “Attendance” on the left hand side of Skedula and then click “Daily Attendance.”


Step 2

If you would like to filter for a certain student, select a student from the dropdown menu underneath “Student.”


Step 3

If you would like to filter for a certain group of students, select a group from the dropdown menu underneath “Limit By Group.”
Note: If you do not see any groups in the dropdown menu, click here for information on how to create student groups.


Step 4

If you would like to filter for the daily attendance report for a certain date range, enter in a start and end date.


Step 5

Click “Search” to apply your filters.


Step 6

Once you are finished filtering, you will see a report with the students’ names and the number of days they were Present, Absent, Late, or Excused according to the school’s daily attendance uploaded to Skedula. This report will also list the percentage of days the student was present.


Step 7

Click on a number under an attendance marker to see the specific days the student was marked with that attendance marker. Click “Close” when finished.


Step 8

To download the report as an Excel file, click the Excel icon in the top right hand corner.


Note: If the attendance has not been uploaded, please contact your Skedula administrator to run an Attendance Sync. If you are a Skedula administrator, run an Auto Sync with the Data Extractor if the days missing are from the past 4 school days. If the days missing were prior that, run an Attendance Sync.

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