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Last Updated: Dec 03, 2012 04:35PM EST
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How can I make PADS available?

In order to begin using PADS you must first set up the Marking Period Properties. This will allow you to set when users are able to enter grades and when grade submission is due. You will also be able to set the grading categories you would like available for PADS.

  • To begin select NYC HSST PADS located under the Setup tab.

  • Here you can find the link for setting Marking Period Properties.

  • Once you have clicked the link you will be prompted to select the marking period you wish to set up.


  • Click “MP Open for Grade Submission” and “MP Closed for Grade Submission” to define the date ranges when teachers will be allowed to enter in grades for the report card. The system will seamlessly pull those averages into PADS, so teachers won’t have to manually calculate and or transcribe grades. Click “Grading Period Start” and “Grading Period End” to define the date ranges and time for when the marking period begins and ends.

  • The next step is setting up the grading categories. Select each category you wish to be available in PADS

Please find definitions for each “Grading Category” listed below.
  1. Exam: Allow teachers to enter an exam grade. Typically used for a mid-term or final exam.
  2. Conduct: Possible values are E (Excellent), S (Satisfactory), N (Needs Improvement, U (Unsatisfactory).
  3. Comment(s): One numerical HSST Comment Code taken from the “All Teachers EGG” file, which will translate it to
    a written comment when printed in HSST.
  4. Final: Possible values, Y, N, or no value. When a Y is entered, the grade is immediately committed to the transcript
    regardless of Term Ending/Marking Period dates. Enable with caution!
  5. Level: Possible values 1, 2, 3, 4. Typically used in conjunction with standards based grading.

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