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Last Updated: Aug 22, 2014 04:55PM EDT
Gradebook Setup Video

How do I start using the gradebook?

There are three different ways to grade an assignment in Skedula however, the most commonly used view is the Gradebook (located under Grades > Gradebook).


  1.  Grades: The most important feature to enable the use of the gradebook is the creation of assignments. Once an assignment is created, the title of the assignment is listed across the top of the gradebook.


  2. Filters: Allows the user the option to filter the assignments by marking period, grading category, start date, and end date. Applying Filter will separate the gradebook for the assignments with the specified criteria.


  3. Settings: Allows the user to set their gradebook by assignment order, viewable date or due date, group assignments, and the option to color the categories.

  • Every box within the gradebook corresponds to a student and an assignment. Clicking within the box will activate two floating menus located above the student's name and above of the assignment's name.

  • The icons located within the floating menu over the student's name allows the user the option to find and replace grades for the student (paper with binocular icon), navigate to a student's portfolio; new anecdotal, performance, show anecdotals, edit attendance, and class performance (student icon), and the option to view all assignments with corresponding grades and category for the student (bar graph icon).

  • The icons located within the assignments floating menu allows the user the option to upload grades (antennae icon), show assignment details ("i" icon), find and replace grade for the assignment (paper with binoculars icon), edit assignment (tool icon), or create new assignment ("+" icon).

  • Assignment grades are typed within the cells. Please note, grades are automatically saved once they are typed within the cell. The cell will turn green in order to represent the saved grade.

  • If the cell turns red, the information was not saved and the entered grade is invalid. In order to correct invalid grades, check Course Settings > Valid Grades.

  • In order to navigate from one class to another, click on the white arrow located within the blue bubble. The arrow will pull down a menu of all your classes. Selecting a class will bring you to that course's gradebook with its corresponding assignments.

  • Underlined grades represent a comment attached to the mark. To view the comment, double-click on the grade.

  • Please note, the gradebook can be transferred to an Excel Document by clicking the Excel Icon next to the word "Gradebook".

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