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Valid Grades

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2014 04:49PM EDT
Video on Setting up Valid Grades

How can I use Valid Grades?

Skedula allows teachers and/or administrators the option to set a  "Grading Template" when grading assignments. By default, Skedula is designed to accept all undefined numeric grades such as, 0, 100, or 1000, to name a few. This feature gives the user the option to enter undefined grades/marks such as "ABS" (absent) or "INC" (incomplete).  To set Valid Grades click on the Course Settings tab then go to Valid Grades.


  • Start by "Select A Course" and selecting a "Grading Template" from the options provided. Once selected, you can create your own valid grades template or modify one of the templates provided.

  • Click "Create New Template "or "Edit Template" to begin defining grades. At the "Create New Grading Template" screen, enter the name of the template and check if you want the template to be shared with other users. To edit a mark/ grade, click on the pencil to the left of the mark.

    To add or edit a new mark, the following must be defined:

    Mark - can be numeric or alphabetic and can contain symbols like + or -
    Comment (optional) - enter a comment that will be displayed whenever the grade/ mark is used
    Description (optional) - enter a description of the grade/ mark
    Conversion (optional) - enter a conversion value to be used in grade averaging. If a conversion is not entered, the grade will not be averaged in the gradebook.
    Min Value (optional) - enter a minimum grade (used in standards based grading only)
    Proficient - choose if the grade shows student proficiency or not
    Grade Type - "Grade" type is for the final average output.  "Special" type is only for assignment grading. For example, a mark of "E" will convert to a 90 when the final average is calculated. A mark of "EX" will display in the gradebook but will not calculate as part of the student's average.

  • Once completed, save the mark/ grade to the template and Apply Changes
  • Locate your modified template from the list and Save To the selected course(s). (Don't forget to Apply Changes)


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