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Linking an IO Assessment Exam to Your Gradebook

Last Updated: Dec 26, 2017 11:20PM EST
Once you have access to IO Assessment, you will have the option to link any class assignment to an exam.  Once linked, the scores will populate your gradebook when all questions (including constructed response) are scored.

To start, go to Create Assignment and choose Link to IO Assessment:

Clicking the IO Assessment button opens the Assessment Options panel.

Choose An Exam – the exams listed in the box are controlled by several filters to make it easier to find the exam that will be attached to the assignment.

Default search options:
Only Exams only – limits the exams listed to those created as online only.  To include paper and pen exams, uncheck this box.
My Exams – limits the exams listed to those created by you.  To include exams created by others, uncheck this box.

All Exams filters:
To further limit the exams on the list, when All Exams is chosen, you can choose which standards set was used to create the exam and/or the grade level of the exam.

Creating a New Exam:
If your exam is not on the list, click the Create Exam button and you will be directed to the IO Assessment test creation page.

Link Grades As:
DDC only allowed grades to be imported to your gradebook as percentages.  With IO Assessments, you have 3 options for the grade import.
  1. Raw Score – imports the points scored on the exam.  This option works best when the point value of the exam matches the max points of the assignment.
  2. Percentage (same as DDC) – imports the percentage earned on the exam.  This option works whether or not the exam point value matches the assignment max points.
  3. Cut Score – imports the cutpoint associated with the exam administration from IO Assessment.  If cutpoints have not been defined for the exam, this option cannot be used. 

Comparison of options:
Option chosen in Assignment Student Score on Exam Exam Total Points Exam Cutscore Assignment Max Points Score Imported to Gradebook
Raw Score 12 24 2 100 12 (matches score)
Percentage 12 24 2 100 50 (12/24*100)
Cut Score 12 24 2 100 2 (matches cutscore)

Choose the exam from the list and grades will be imported into your gradebook (and on PupilPath) in real time as students finish the exam if only autoscored questions (i.e., multiple choice).  If constructed response questions are included in the exam, the grade will not be visible until all questions are graded by the teacher.  Unlike DDC, there is no need to click a button to import the grades into your gradebook.
When should I attach my exam to the assignment?
Paper and pen scanned exams:  These exams can be created at any time in the process – before the assignment is created, while creating the assignment (click Create Exam) or after the exams are taken and scored.
Online exams: These exams must be created before the assignment is created or while creating the assignment (click Create Exam).  This will allow the student to have access the exam through PupilPath.

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