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How To - Create a Scannable Exam

Last Updated: Oct 29, 2012 02:22PM EDT

The exam wizard allows users to create scannable, curriculum-embedded assessments and align each question to state standards. Questions for the exam may come from end of chapter or end of unit assessments in standards aligned texts, or from test-generating software that normally accompanies texts. Exams may also be department or district created benchmark tests. The exams created in Data Driven Classroom can include multiple choice and constructed response items.

The exam wizard guides you through three simple steps. To access the wizard, click on the “Exams” tab on your district's web portal  homepage, then click on “Create a New Exam” at the top of the Exams window.

Step 1
Name and briefly describe the exam, choose the question numbering option, select answer sequence.  Click "Next" to go to step 2. 

Step 2

Choose section type using the pull-down menu.  Section types include multiple choice, constructed response, and manually scored responses.  Next enter a heading for the section, determine the number of questions, choose the number of bubbles (from one to five), and optionally select the answer choice sequence.  Then click "add section" and repeat the process until all test sections have been created.

Step 3
Enter all of the answers for your exam by clicking on the radio buttons in the "correct answer" column.  You can also change the point value of individual questions by typing the new value into the point value column.  When you have entered all of the exam answers, click on "next."

Part II—Aligning Items to State Standards

After completing Part I--Setting Up the Answer Key, you will be presented with the choices below.  To align the exam you just created, click "align standards to the questions in this exam."  A new screen will open in which you can choose the grade level and content area of the standards for your exam.



To align questions to standards, first click on a question row (A).  Then locate and click on the standard to be associated with the question (B).  Question rows and standards selected will be highlighted in dark gray.  Next, click on the "Align" button (C).  Repeat these steps to align all questions to state standards.  NOTE:  The standards you can select are displayed in italics.  You can select more than one row by holding the "Ctrl" key while clicking on rows.  When you have completed the aligning process, you will see the standards that are aligned to your questions in the left panel.  To complete the aligning process, click on the "Save" button.

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