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How To - Use the Exam System to capture data from matching questions

Last Updated: Oct 29, 2012 02:22PM EDT
We will use the example matching question below to demonstrate the options available.

Match the animal to the sound it makes.
 1.  Dog   A. Meow
 2. Cat  B. Cluck
 3. Pig  C. Bark
 4. Cow  D. Moo
 5. Chicken  E. Oink 

1.  Use a Multiple Choice question
  • This option is feasible if your matching questions have 5 or less items.  The student can bubble in the correct matching letter in each question.
  • Advantages:  the student bubbles the answer and it is automatically scored by the system.
  • Disadvantages: the question cannot contain more than 5 items; the matching responses must also be labeled A-E.

2.  Use a Constructed Response section
  • If the question does not fit into the strict requirements of option 1, a constructed response section can also be used.  Here the student writes the answer in the space and the teacher writes the points earned for that question in the bracketed area.
  • Advantages:  Supports questions with any number of matching items; student can write the answer on the sheet.
  • Disadvantages:  More time consuming for the teacher since questions will need to be hand scored; More space on the page is required for each question.

3.  Use a Manually Scored section
  • If there is no requirement that the student write on the answer sheet (e.g. the student writes the answer on the exam), then a manually scored section can be used to capture the data.
  • Advantages: Takes up less space on the answer sheet; Supports any type of matching question.
  • Disadvantages: No space for student to write on the answer sheet; teacher must score each question and write in the points earned.

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