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FAQ - Folders in the Exam System

Last Updated: Oct 29, 2012 02:22PM EDT
What is the difference between a "Public" and "Private" exam?
  • "Private" exams can only be seen by the exam creator and by website admins.  "Public" exams can be seen by anyone who can log on to the DDC website.
  • "Private" exams are always located in the "Private Exams" folder at the top of the folder tree.  All other folders in the tree are considered "Public'.

Why can't I create a "Public" exam?
  • The folder system has a highly customizable permissions system that allows district staff to determine who gets to create, edit, and move "Public" exams.  If you cannot create a "Public' exam, it is because you have not been granted sufficient privileges.

How to I convert a "Private" exam to "Public" and vice-versa?
  • Those users with sufficient privileges can convert a private exam to public by simply dragging the exam from the "Private Exams" folder to a "Public" folder.  Doing the opposite will convert an exam from public to private.  See this KB article for more info: How To - Move exams from one folder to another

Can I restrict my district users from creating "Private" exams?
  • Yes.  This can be done in the permissions interface.  Contact DDC Support for more details.

Is there a limit to how many folders I can create?
  • No.
Can I move and rearrange folders? 
  • You must have sufficient permissions to move and rearrange folders.  If you have the proper permissions, moving a folder is as simple as dragging and dropping it.   You can also re-order the folders via drag and drop.  See this KB article for more info: How To - Manage Folders

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