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Last Updated: Oct 22, 2015 10:26AM EDT

Set up Classes
Grading categories & marking periods    
Settings MenuCourse Categories

Select a course, check if you want weighted categories (if not checked, all categories will have equal weighting), Grading categories & their weighting percentages. Add marking periods to copy the same settings to each marking period. Save to the classes that will use these categories.​

Define valid grades & use special marks
Settings Menu> Valid Grades

Choose a course. To allow any number grade (0-100), check the box: Allow All Undefined Numerical Grades. To define additional valid grades in a template (ABS, INC, etc), choose one of the existing templates from the Grading Template menu. Using the buttons below the template, you can create your own or edit this template. Add Mark to add a new line. Apply Changes to save the new template.

Define grading icons
Settings Menu> Grading Icons
Choose a class & complete the grading icon table with Mark, Comment (optional) & Standard Mark (optional). Save the changes. Repeat for all classes.


Create and Grade Assignments
Add Assignments
Assignments Menu > Create Assignments
Define Title, Category, Viewable Date, Due Date, Marking period, Is Graded, Attach Standards (if standards based grading), upload files to attach as supplemental or required materials, Type a description, Change category in individual courses. Save the assignment to specific classes.
Skedula Files versus Google Docs: You can upload documents saved to your computer or flash drive via Skedula files feature, and/or you can link your Google Drive account using Google Files. You can also create a new Google Doc on the fly by clicking New Google File and selecting the type. That will clone the file to all students in their PupilPath account (no gmail necessary).
Grade Assignments
Grade Menu> Grade Assignments
Grade Assignment: Single assignment view. Enter the grade (& optionally, a comment) in the boxes or use the grading icons. When you hit enter, it will take you to the next student’s grade (not the comment box). You can also click on a letter on the alphabet on the left to find students quickly. Grades are automatically saved (circle turns green).​
Grade Menu> Gradebook
Gradebook: This is the spreadsheet view. Grades are automatically saved (box turns green).


Attendance & Anecdotal Logs
Take Attendance
Attendance Menu> Take Attendance
Take Attendance: Choose a class, click on the student pictures to mark present, late, absent or excused. Optional comments area.
Attendance Menu> Attendance Book
Attendance Book: Spreadsheet view. Choose a class, enter P, L, A or E in the cell for the respective date.

Write an Anedctoal Log
Students Menu> Anecdotal Log
Click New Anecdotal and select Anecdotal Type, add students by Group and/or individual by typing in their name. Choose the date, location, and write a description. Choose the access level by checking Confidential (only you), Share All Staff (all staff with access to the student), Share Parent (through PupilPath), Share Student (through PupilPath), and choose staff members to notify. To restrict access to only some staff members, uncheck share all staff and type in names who should have access. Click Save.
Make a Seating Chart
Attendance Menu>Take Attendance
Choose a class & close the attendance not taken message. Choose Move Seats from the Management Mode menu. Students begin in alphabetical order. Drag & drop the student picture to the correct seat position. Add rows & columns to the chart by clicking the Add Row or Add Column button.
View Student Information
Student Menu>Portfolio 
Bio Tab – Contact Info, Services, PupilPath, Anecdotals
Schedule Tab – Schedule, HS Exam Schedule, Schedule Changes
Grades Tab – Progress, Student Work, Report Card, Transcript
Exams Tab – Performance Levels, Exam History, Exam Schedule
Attendance Tab – Calendar View, Daily Totals, Course Totals, Period Totals
Tracking Tab – Graduation or Middle School Tracking


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