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Grading: Transfer Student's Grades

Last Updated: Aug 20, 2015 09:53AM EDT

In Skedula there are two options available to transfer student grades. Please read the steps below for further instructions.

Step 1

Option 1
If a student has the same teacher and is being transferred from one section to another you can use the Student Transfer option in Skedula. Select Grade>Grade Transfer>Student Transfer>Transfer tab or Download tab first to download class data. Please read below for more details.


Before making a transfer it is advisable for the teacher to download class data by clicking on the Download tab. In this way should data loss occur you will have a copy. Note: You can only download the data for the courses you teach.

To transfer the student make sure to have the student ID number and old course and section available before you transfer. Note: Grades are transferred based on assignment name e.g. HW1 and Homework1 are two separate homework assignments.

If you do not have access to transfer a student you will need to contact a Skedula admin at your school with the right privileges.

Below is an example of a transfer of a student from one class to another (with the same teacher).

Notice in the image below that only one assignment is transferred since the Earth Sci Handout 1 exists in both courses. All other assignment transfers are invalid. If assignment cannot be matched use the download to manually fill in the grade.

Once you have completed the transfer you will get the following screen.


Step 2

Option 2
If the student is transferred to a class with a different teacher the Student Transfer feature will not work since assignments are tied to categories teachers create for a specific course under settings.

In the Grades tab, choose Grade Transfer, then Student Transfer.  Choose the Download tab and download the grades for the old class.  This will provide the teacher with the hard copy of all grades for their records. Give the file to the new teacher so they can decide how the grades will be used in his or her gradebook. Please refer to the screenshots in Option 1 for directions. 

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