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Settings: Course Categories & Grading Policy

Last Updated: Aug 25, 2015 11:10AM EDT
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How Do I Setup My Gradebook?

In order to setup your gradebook you must first define the course categories/ grading policy for the marking period.


Step 1

To define your course categories, on the left navigation pane please expand the Settings tab and click on Course Categories.


Step 2

Selecting the course under the "Select a Course" selection box. All teachers, will have access to view their courses/classes you teach. Administrators will have access to all the courses in the school.


Step 3

Once your course is selected, select the "Average Calculation Routine" from the provided selection box. Your available choices are Points or Averages.
Below is a simple description of each:

Averages: Average of the percentage earned on the assignments in the category. This averages all assignments (within the category) based off of the percentage earned.

Points: Points earned by the student on category assignment/ Total possible points on category assessment. This weights assignments (within each category) based on maximum points.

Note: Your gradebook is set up by default with Points as its Average Calculation Routine and no changes need to be made to your gradebook to continue to use this option.



Step 4

You can also select whether you will use weighted categories or unweighted categories in order to calculate a grade. To use weighted categories, place a check on the "Use Weighted Categories tick box. When this is selected, the percentage total of the categories must add up to 100% of the grade.


Step 5

By default, you will see marking period 1 set as "Average Calculation Routine: Points", "Use Weighted Categories" checked-off, and 5 categories weighted at 20% each. You will have the option to adjust these settings for your courses.

Note: If you can view the information but cannot edit, an administrator may have locked this page.In order to make any changes to the page, an administrator will need to unlock it.


  • If the marking period is unlocked, you can edit a category or percentage by clicking within the textbox and editing the category name and percentage respectively.
  • By adding a check to the "Drop Lowest Grade" tick box next to a category, you are allowing Skedula to automatically drop the lowest grade in that category for that marking period.
  • You can also click the red X by the category to delete the corresponding row.

Note: There will always be an empty bottom row because we do not limit the number of categories you can create within the marking period. In order to create a new category, just start typing within the empty cell and another empty cell will automatically appear below it.



Step 6

To create more than one marking period, click on the "Add Marking Period" button to add a new marking period.

All marking periods after marking period 1 can be set as cumulative of other marking periods by checking-off the boxes located above that marking period's categories.
Note: If you wish to only make your final marking period as cumulative of all the prior ones, check off all the marking period tick boxes on the final marking period only


Step 7

When all is complete, click on "Save To" button. This will bring up a pop-up that allow the user the option to save categories and marking periods to all necessary courses.


Step 8

On this new pop-up, simply check-off the tick box next to the courses that you want to have these categories and click on the "Apply Changes" button
Note: The created course categories will apply to all selected courses.

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