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Gradebook: Grading Tools

Last Updated: Aug 25, 2015 11:11AM EDT

Please look below for information on Gradebook tools.

Step 1

In Skedula to access the Gradebook select Grade>Gradebook.


Step 2

The Gradebook tools consist of a pair of pop-up menus on the left (Student Tools) and right (Assignment Tools) of the screen. The Student Tools consists of (from left to right) Find & Replace, Show Pop-Up, Show Averages. The Assignment Tools  consists of Upload Grades, Show Assignment Details, Find & Replace, Edit Assignment, New Assignment, and Import DDC Exam Grades. Note: The Import DDC Exam Grades icon will display only when you have created an assignment that has been linked to DDC.

Step 3

The Student Tools Find & Replace can be used to find and replace a grade for a specific student.

To read full details on Find & Replace, please use this link: Find & Replace.

Step 4

The Student Tools Show Pop-Up icon is a useful shortcut. You can use it to view the student portfolio, create/edit or view anecdote, edit attendance, view class performance, student performance, email parent, and email the student.


Step 5

The Student Tools Show Averages icon is useful to view course category averages by marking period for a specific student.

You will have access to the overall average and breakdown at the bottom of the page.

Step 6

The Upload Grades icon in the Assignment Tools menu is useful if you want to upload grades from Excel into your gradebook. The uploads are assignment specific and can be done by using our template to upload your grades. Please click on the following link to read more: Upload Grades.

Step 7

The Assignment Tools Show Assignment Details icon list all pertinent assignment information including the title, category, due date, and point value to name a few. You can also use this page to edit the assignment.


Step 8

Assignment Tools Find & Replace allows you to find and replace assignment specific grades.

You can read more about the the Find & Replace feature at the following link: Find & Replace.

Step 9

The Assignment Tools Edit Assignment is a shortcut to the edit an assignment. You can link to DDC, attach standards, or attach files as required or supplemental material. You can apply your changes and save at the bottom.

Step 10

The Assignment Tools New Assignment icon is a shortcut to create a new assignment. You can link to DDC, attach standards, or attach files as required or supplemental material. Once complete apply your changes and save at the bottom.


Step 11

The Assignment Tools Import DDC Exam Grades allows you to import DDC exam grades. The grades will be calculated based on the category you link the exam to. For example, you import the DDC grades to a Quiz category worth 10% of the grade vs. an Exam category worth 25% of the grade each will be calculated accordingly.

Once you select Import DDC Exam Grades  the grades will automatically fill-in each cell (highlighted in green in the image above).

If the assignment has not been graded you will get the following screen.

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