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Settings: Grading Icons

Last Updated: Dec 30, 2015 11:33AM EST

Please read below to use Grading Icons.

Step 1

Grading Icons can be found in Skedula under Settings >Grading Icons.


Step 2

Grading Icons are a set of nine icons that are used when grading assignments. You can use in the "Grade Assignment” and/or if you grade through “Take Attendance: Submit Grades”. Grading Icons allow you to enter a grade, comment, and enter standards grade in a single click. After selecting Grading Icons you will be brought to the following screen. Note: Grading Icons can only be linked to valid grades.

The Mark can be changed to reflect the grade you want the mark to represent. The Comment can be used to give a brief description on the Mark and Icon. If you are using Standard Based Grades you can use the Standard Mark column. The cells highlighted in red in the image above are considered "invalid grades" and are therefore not valid for the course.

Please click the following links to read more on Valid Grades and Valid Standard Grades.

Note: You can change the values of the grading icons at any point in time. Changing the values of the keys does not alter the prior graded assignments, only current and future graded assignments.

In the event that a course is grouped, you can define the value of the icons independently from each other by using their unique course code.

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