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Gradebook: Curves

Last Updated: Dec 30, 2015 11:30AM EST

Skedula allows you to grade on a curve. Please follow the steps below to use the curving features.

Step 1

Curves can be input through the Single Assignment Grading, Gradebook, and Take Attendance screens. 

We will start off with the Single Assignment Grading. Select Assignments>Show Assignments to view your assignment list.

Once selected you will be brought to the Assignments page. Select an assignment to view in Single Assignments view.

From the Single Assignments screen, choose the Functions Tab. Then click Show curve to open the curve input box. Type in the curve where needed.

Continue reading for Curve, Auto Curve, and Show Curves features.

Curve feature:  This adds or subtracts the same number of points to all students grades for an assignment.  The curve value is input by the teacher.  Enter the points to be added or subtracted and click Apply Curve. See the image below.

Auto Curve feature:  This function finds the student with the highest mark on the assignment and calculates the number of points needed to give that student a perfect score on the assignment.  Then that amount of points is added to every student’s assignment mark. See the image below.

Show Curve feature: This functions can show the curve or hide it.

The curve is shown in the image below.

The curve is hidden in the image below.


Step 2

To curve from the Gradebook, double-click on a cell to open the curve input text box seen below.

The Gradebook and Take Attendance screens only allow for manual curving. Once a curve is entered in the gradebook, the cell will appear underlined. See the image below.


Step 3

Select Attendance>Take Attendance to use the curve feature in the Take Attendance screen.

In this view select Submit Grades and the continue by selecting the assignment and then finally double-click on your student in the Seating Chart. Please see the image below.

After double-clicking the student you can enter the desired curve.

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