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Messages: How to Compose a Message

Last Updated: Aug 20, 2015 11:26AM EDT
There are two methods for users to access the Skedula Message Center. One way to access the message center is to expand the "Account" Tab at the left navigation and selecting on Messages.

Another way to access the message center is to select the envelope icon from the page header.

Step 1

From the Inbox window, select the "Compose" button.


Step 2

On the "Write a Message" page, you are given multiple recipient options. You can select from pre-made Student Groups, Staff members, Parents, and Students. Please enter/select your recipients and subject and then enter the body of the e-mail.

Note: All Skedula users will have access to message staff members and their personal and public groups. Teachers, by default, will only have access to message their students and the student's parents, as well as staff and group. Non-teaching staff members will not have access to any students or parents unless they are given those permissions under Administration>User Accounts.



Step 3

When you write your e-mail, you are given many formatting abilities, as well as attachment and embedding capabilities and advanced user options. From left to right they are as follows: attachments, formatting, bold, italic, strike-through, underline, character color, background color, left-aligned, center-aligned, right-aligned, unordered list, ordered list, outdent, indent, insert image, insert video, insert link, insert horizontal rule, and HTML

After your e-mail is written out, you will be presented with a send button and two-options: "Allow recipients to respond directly to my e-mail address" and "Translate message for parents".

If you select "Allow recipients to respond directly to my e-mail address", then any replies sent by the parent will bypass Skedula's Messaging Center and go directly to the e-mail address that is used for your user account. If you do not wish for your e-mail address to be available to recipients, DO NOT select this option.

If you select "Translate message for parents", Skedula will automatically translate the message into the Home Language for the parent. Skedula uses the home language set in ATS.


Step 4

Once you are done selecting your options, simply select the "Send" button.

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