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Attendance: Find & Replace Attendance

Last Updated: Aug 19, 2015 06:11PM EDT

Find and Replace Attendance can be used with the seating chart view. This allows you to replace all students, untaken students, or students with a certain attendance marker with either A, P, L or E.

Note: This can be used to speed up the process of taking attendance through the seating chart. For example, leave all students that are P blank and follow the directions below to replace unrecorded students with P.

To find and replace attendance, complete the following steps.
If you have not set up your seating chart yet, click here for instructions on how to do so.

Step 1

Select the course you would like to find and replace attendance for on the top of Skedula.

Note: If you cannot see all your courses, hover your mouse over “All Courses” on the top right hand side.

If you have too many courses in the drop down menu, click here for more information on how to group your courses.


Step 2

Click “Attendance” on the left hand side of Skedula, and then click “Take Attendance.”


Step 3

If you have not taken attendance for this course today, a window will pop-up to notify you. Click “Close” if you do not want to mark all students present or absent for today’s date.


Step 4

Underneath “Attendance date,” choose the date you would like to take attendance for.  A calendar will come up when you click in the box. You can click on a day in the calendar to make it the attendance date.


Step 5

From the “Take Attendance” page, select the “Bulk” tab on the upper right hand side.


Step 6

Select the group of students you would like to replace attendance for in the drop down menu next to "Replace." Groups of students include: All Students, Untaken Students, Absent Students, Present Students, Late Students and Excused Students.



Step 7

Choose the new attendance mark you would like for the group of selected students.

Note: You will see the replacements on your seating chart by the color in the bottom right hand corner of the students’ pictures.


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