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Standards: How to Setup Standard Valid Grades

Last Updated: Aug 13, 2015 09:55AM EDT
Setting up a Valid Standards Grade template is necessary when your standards or overall class marks must be done using grading outside of the 1-100 scale, such as 1-4 or F&P Levels, Mastery, or even A-F Grades.

Step 1

On the left Navigation pane, expand the "Settings" tab and then select "Valid Standard Grades"


Step 2

On the "Define Valid Grades for Standards Based Grading" page, select the course you wish to create a template for from the "Select a Course" drop-down. This will cause the "Standards Based Grading" section to change.


Step 3

Under the "Standards Based Grading" section, please select a Grading Template from the selection box.

This brings up a viewable template that you can save to the course, edit or can even create a new template.
Note: If you are going to use the pre-made template, please skip to Step 8.


Step 4

Whether you click on "Create a New Template" or "Edit Template", it will bring up a pop-up which is either empty or has template grades.

This Pop-up will allow you to name the template, edit an existing mark or add a new mark.


Step 5

Click on Add New Mark.

This will cause the pop-up to expand and allows you to create your mark.


Step 6

To create a regular Grade Mark, you will have to fill out the mark, conversion, and min. value, as well select it's proficiency and make sure the Grade Type is set to "Grade".

To create a Special Mark, you only have to fill out the Mark textbox and select whether the mark is proficient and make sure the "Grade Type" is set to "Special".
Note: If you wish to create a Special Mark with a grade value, you should enter a Conversion Value and Min Value into the mark template.

Note: The Mark template also allows you to enter a comment every time the assignment is graded by that mark.

Once your mark is set up, please make sure to save the mark.

Note: While you do not need to enter a description, it is always beneficial to enter it in case you forget what the mark means.


Step 7

Once all your marks are entered, please click on the "Apply Changes" button. This will close the pop-up and take you back to the "Define Valid Grades" page.


Step 8

Now we must add the template to the class. Before continuing on, make sure the correct Grading Template is selected. If not please select the correct one. Then click on the "Save To" button.

This will bring up the course listing pop-up.


Step 9

On the pop-up select all the classes that will have these special marks available for use and click "Apply changes".


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