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Student: Portfolio Bio

Last Updated: Aug 20, 2015 03:42PM EDT

Follow the Steps below to access the Student Portfolio Bio section.


Step 1

You can search for a student by entering the student ID number or name in the search field, or by selecting the student from the Student Portfolio student list.


Step 2

Bio will list the Contact Info, Services, IEP, Documents, Pupilpath, and Anecdotal Logs. Please continue reading further to see a breakdown of the categories in the Bio tab.

Step 3

Contact Info will list the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) contact information from ATS.


Step 4

Select Services to view what services (if any) the student receives. Provided by ATS data, this link displays: Student Flags, Resource Room, Team Teaching, ELL, Special Ed, Related Services, Meal Code, Lowest third City, Lowest third school.


Step 5

If the student is receiving special education services their IEP will be listed in this section. Note: You may upload the IEP with appropriate user permissions.

Step 6

The Documents sections can be used to upload any documents that you may want to attach to the student file in Skedula. For example, a student's Blue card.

Step 7

The Pupilpath section will list who is registered for PupilPath and includes the registration codes for both the parent(s) and the student. The icon is used to generate a new registration code. Note: Generating a new registration code should be limited since every user will have to re-register their account.

The image below shows no registered accounts.

The image below shows registered parents and student. You can also view last login info for each user.

Step 8

Anecdotal Logs will list all the anecdotes for the student. You can use this section to create a new anecdotal or edit an existing one.

The Anecdotal Log Search will give users the option to filter trough anecdotes: Type, Grade Level, Employee, Start/End date, and Student.

If a user wishes to print anecdotes for a particular student, they may do so in the Reports>Report Generator>Portfolio Reports>Anecdotal Logs.  A PDF file will be produced, with all of the anecdotes.

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