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PADS: Entering Standard Based Grades

Last Updated: Aug 07, 2015 12:07PM EDT
When using Standards-based PADS, all available comments or standards that can be graded are decided by your school's Skedula Administrator. Please contact them for more information on those sections.

Step 1:

From the left navigation pane, expand the Portals tab and select PADS.


Step 2:

On the PADS main page, select "Click here to enter Standards based RPCD grades" or expand the "Submit Grades" tab on the left navigation pane and select "Standards Based."


Step 3:

Select the appropriate Marking Period, sort method, enter the password and select the "Continue" button.
Note: Your available sort methods are by Student Name and sort by Class.


Step 4:

Before continuing to submit grades, please choose the Standards Gradebook marking period average which you wish to pull into PADS and set the average calculation method". The available routines are Average, Decaying Average, Proficiency, Recent, Highest Score, and Highest Mode.


Step 5:

In order to input grades, please click on a student's name if you selected a sort by student's name or course name followed by the student's name if you selected to sort by class. This will expand the selection.

Grade Entry page sorted by student

Grade Entry page sorted by class

If your course standards are not visible, please expand the grading row as well by clicking on the green plus symbol to the right of the row.


Step 6:

To check which marks are allowed for grade submission, click on the clipboard icon in the Grade column. Similarly, the same can be done for the standard's valid marks.


Step 7:

Grading can be done in three different ways: Pulling in the Gradebook Average, pulling in the Standards Gradebook Average or entering your own grade.

The calculator icon computes from the Gradebook

The chart icon computes from the Standards Gradebook

When entering your own grade, simply enter it into the corresponding textbox in the Grade column.


Step 8:

If you computed the average from the Gradebook or Standards Gradebook, confirm your grades by selecting the check mark icon next to the average that was calculated. This will move the grade into the grade box.

The same should be done for the standards' grade.

Once it is in the grade column, if the yellow light next to the standard turns green the grades are accepted.

If the Mark is invalid, then the light will turn Red and so will the grade.

Once all your grades are entered, the light to the left of the student ID number will turn green.

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