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Grading: Single Assignment Grading

Last Updated: Dec 30, 2015 11:25AM EST

Skedula allows users to grade assignments in numerous ways, including single assignment.

Step 1

To grade a single assignment go to Grade>Grade Assignment.

The class you are working with at the moment is highlighted in blue at the top of your page.


Step 2

Select the assignment you would like to grade from the drop-down menu.


Step 3

Once  the assignment is selected you can edit the assignment, analyze the data, and view more information. To make changes to the assignment click Edit Assignment. 


Step 4

To grade your students, type the grade within the 1st box or click on a grading icon. Please be mindful to grade according to your max point scale. Failure to do so may give you incorrect averages if you did not mean to add extra points.



Once a grade is placed in the box the indicator light to the left of the grading box will go from yellow to green. If the indicator light turns red, this means that the grade did not save. Please note, grades will automatically save within Skedula. In stand-by mode the indicator light will be yellow, in save mode it will turn green, and in error the light will turn red.

Below the grading icons is a comment box. Comments will be displayed in PupilPath.

The alphabet letters located to the left of the student image allows you to jump to any student whose last name starts with that letter of the alphabet.


Step 5

If you attached standard(s) to your assignment, the option to grade will be directly below the comment box. A standard can be graded individually from the assignment grade and from other standards. In order to set up the valid grade for the standards go to Valid Standard Grades


Step 6

Selecting the icons next to the comment box gives you the option to populate the overall grade for the assignment based on the average from the standard grades. It also allows the user to "push" the overall grade from the assignment down to the standards.


Step 7

The Functions option located at the top of the page allows you to Find and Replace grades, comments, or curves. It also lets you "Curve Grades" and auto push standards from mark grades


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