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Anecdotals: User Rights

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2014 12:33PM EDT

Anecdotal user permissions can be edited at any time. Possible adjustments will include rights for weighted anecdotals and anecdotal resolution.

Step 1

On the task bar click "Administration" then "User Accounts"


Step 2

Click the pencil to edit a users permissions


Step 3

There are 4 anecdotal user permissions

"User can submit weighted anecdotals" - If left unchecked the user will only be able to submit anecdotals by category.
"User can resolve anecdotals" - User will be able to resolve negative anecdotals.
"User can view and edit all users' Anecdotal logs" - Allows user to see and edit enecdotals created by all users.
"User can create Confidential Anecdotal Logs" - Enables user to create private anectdotals that can only be viewed by them.


Step 4

Once the permissions have been edited, click "Save Changes"

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