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Settings: Grade Display Settings for Parents and Students

Last Updated: Aug 21, 2014 03:32PM EDT
Shared data within a students portfolio can be accessed in PupilPath by both the parent and student.  Skedula provides a "Grade Output" feature in which we can manipulate the grade data shown on PupilPath.  "Grade Outputs" also allows you to manage mobile notifications to the PupilPath app on iPhones, iPads, iPods and Android devices. 

Step 1

Go to the "Settings" tab then "Grade Outputs"


Step 2

Choose a course to modify the Grade Outputs


Step 3

"Assignment Grade Displays" permits which grades and score values are displayed in PupilPath

 View from PupilPath

"Input Value" is the first column shown in PupilPath.  Shown as "9"
  ex: If I enter a Grade of an A, it is shown as an A
"Percentage" is the second column shown.  See above "90%"
  ex: If this assignment is worth 10 points, and the student scores a 9 display 90%
"Point Value" is the third column.  "9/10"

  ex: If this assignment is worth 10 points, and the student scores a 9 display 9/10


Step 4

"Average Displays" is how the Marking Period average is shown

          View from PupilPath

By default the "Raw Percentage" will be displayed
Use the drop down menu below to display a Percentage Range instead of the Raw Percentage

           View from PupilPath

Conversions from a Grading Template can also be configured by checking that option

*Learn how to set a Grading Template see the article Grading: Setup of Special Marks

           View from PupilPath


Step 5

Select the Marking Period that PupilPath should default to with the drop down menu provided


Step 6

Grade Color ranges and icons can be manipulated by dragging one of the cursors to the left or right


Step 7

Skedula can push notifications to PupilPath users who have signed up.  These notifications are sent to iPhones, iPods, iPads, and all Android devices with the PupilPath app installed.
Notifications can be sent for Attendance and Grades.  Uncheck the "Disable Notification" box to use this feature


Delay Push Notification rules until "x" minutes have passed
Keep in mind if a teacher is grading late at night, users will be notified after the delay time


Step 8

Save the changes to the desired courses with the "Save To..." button at the top right hand corner of the page


Step 9

Select the courses and apply changes


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