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Assignments: Create Assignments

Last Updated: Aug 25, 2014 08:51AM EDT


Step 1

Go to the Assignments tab and then click Create Assignment. *Assignments can also be created by using the New Assignment icon on the dashboard


Step 2

Enter the Title of the assignment


Step 3

Select the Category the assignment belongs to. In order to edit the category go to Course Categories


Step 4*

Viewable Date will automatically display today's date but can be adjusted. The date represents when the assignment can be viewed by students or parents on PupilPath. Please note, once a mark is given, or the viewable date has been reached, it will be shown on PupilPath


Step 5

Due Date will automatically display today's date but can be adjusted. The date represents when the assignment is due. This date is viewable by the students and parents on PupilPath


Step 6

Select the Marking Period. Please note, Course Categories must be setup prior to selecting subsequent marking periods


Step 7

Along with the above selections we are also able to chose the Max Points of the assignment. The max points is automatically set to 100 but can be adjusted based on the maximum allowable points a student can receive on an assignment. Please note, grade according to the scale you used. For example, if a quiz is worth max points of 10 and a student receives 9, enter 9 as a grade. If you enter 90%, this is equivalent to 90 points on a 10 point scale.

Step 8

 The Weight of the assignment is automatically set at 1.000 (=1). This value represents how much weight this assignment receives in your gradebook. Every assignment counts as 1 assignment in the gradebook, hence, the weight of 1. If you want the assignment to have double the weight (in comparison to other assignments) change the weight to 2.

Step 9

All assignments are graded as long as "Is Graded" is checked-off. An assignment can be excluded from the average by deselecting the "Is Graded" check box. Please note, the option to grade is no longer available if the box is unchecked

Step 10

If the assignment is Extra Credit select the check box.

Step 11

Exams created in Data Driven Classrooms (DDC) can be linked by "Link to DDC Exam"


Step 12

To attach standards to the assignment click the Attach Standards button. Please note, the standards must be attached to the course in Course Standards in order to select them from the list. 

Once the standard(s) are selected, click on Transfer Selection.


Once the selection is made, click on Apply Changes


Step 13

You can now attach Skedula Files (located within your Skedula File Manager), Google Files (located within your Google Drive), or create a New Google File)



Step 14

In the description box enter your assignment details for students to view through PupilPath


Step 15

Check off the courses that should have this assignment and select the appropriate category. Please note, all courses will be automatically selected when creating the assignment. If you do not want a course to have this assignment, uncheck the course

Step 16

Once complete Save Assignment and you may begin grading

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