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Grading: Administrative Setup of Special Marks

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2014 04:41PM EDT
By default, Skedula accepts all numerical grades such as 0, 100, or 1000 to name a few.  The "Valid Grades" feature enables numerical or non numerical marks to be inputted and coverted into the Gradebook.  Some examples are "ABS" for absent or even the Level scale of "1"," 2" ,"3" and "4"

Step 1

Go to the "Settings" tab then "Valid Grades"


Step 2

Choose the course that should have a Grading Template from the "Select a Course:" drop down menu


Step 3

Scroll down the page to the "Single Assignment Grading" portion of the page.  By default all Undefined Numerical Marks are accepted into the Gradebook with the check box selected.  Unchecking this option will allow ONLY the marks defined in the Grading template to be saved


Step 4

Select a grading template from the drop down menu provided.  Any template listed with Special after it indicates that the marks of Absent, Excused, Missing, Incomplete are included

Mark defines the grades accepted in the Gradebook.  These Marks can be any keystroke from a keyboard

Comments appear next to a students Mark on PupilPath.  Comments are automatically entered when using a mark from a Grading Template

Description can be used to for referencing purposes.  Descriptions are kept within the template and is not displayed in PupilPath

Conversion values convert the marks into a Percentage for average calculation. 
Conversion value can also be left blank to exclude a mark from being averaged

Minimum Value would be used for the Standards Based Grading feature.  Set the range of scores (Conversion - Min Value) to convert back to the Mark on the template to assign Marks to Standards.

Proficient marks should be listed as yes or no

Grade Type indicates if the Mark is either a "Grade" with as a score value or a "Special" value such as Absent or Excused.
Marks listed with "Grade" is for the final average output.  "Special" marks are restricted to the Gradebook


Step 5

All templates can be customized or created from scratch.  The "Create New Template" button will provide a blank template to be completed.  "Edit Template" allows changes in an existing Grading Template

When creating a new template give it a unique name
Click the "Share this template" box to share the template with other users

Once the template for a Mark has been completed, "Save" or "Delete" the mark with the buttons displayed

Add another Mark by clicking the "Add New Mark" option

Once complete be sure to "Apply Changes" at the top right corner of the window


Step 6

After creating the template, it will be displayed under your email address
Reselect the template in order to save to a course(s)


Step 7

Save the selected template by clicking "Save to..." in the top right corner of the page

Select the courses which should use this template and "Apply Changes"

Valid Grades Video

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