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Data Extractor: Run and Sync the data for Current Term

Last Updated: Aug 11, 2014 04:38PM EDT

Best practice is to run the Data Extractor on a daily basis.  At a minimum, running the Data Extractor once a week is also acceptable.  Running the Data Extractor is critical to keeping teacher gradebooks up to date with the most recent program changes and student attendance data from ATS

Step 1

Run the Data Extractor from the Start Menu -> All Programs -> DataCation -> Data Extractor

Step 2

You will then be prompted to sign in with your Skedula Credentials


Step 3

Select the school you wish to sync from the list and click OK


Step 4*

The Data Extractor does not support use of the local ATS client, ATS WebConnect API must be installed if it is not already installed
To install make sure you are logged into Windows as an Administrator

Click OK to begin the installation and restart when complete


Step 5

The Sync Wizard will be displayed.  If this is your first time, click "Auto-Sync"


Step 6

You will then be prompted for your DOE email credentials


Step 7

Type in your ATS credentials


Step 8*

If ATS WebConnect is not already open when starting the Data Extractor, a series of prompts will begin to open the ATS WebConnect client

Follow the prompts to open ATS WebConnect.  The following log in will be your DOE email credentials

Click the server icon to open ATS WebConnect

Once ATS is open click OK from the Data Extractor to continue

An ATS client will then be running in the background.  Do not use or close this ATS client.  The DataExtractor will take over and begin the automated process


Step 9

You will then be prompted a second time to log into STARS
The same credentials as your DOE email

Make sure you enter your username with central\


Step 10

STARS will then be opened via web browser.  Select the year and term that you wish to sync then click "Tools" then "Custom Reports"


Step 11

The extractor will then begin to run
Please note that your DOE email will begin to receive email reports sent from ATS and STARS.  The Extractor will automatically remove these emails once the process has been finished. Make sure you have adequate inbox space

If this is your first time running the DataExtractor the process can take up to 60 minutes depending on your internet speed as well as the email response time from ATS and STARS


Step 12

Once all files have been requested they will then be processed, this may take a few minutes.
Once complete you will receive an email indicating that all of the files have been processed.  Your data will only be ready on the DataCation portals once this email has been received.



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