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PADS Settings and Rule Setup

Last Updated: Jan 29, 2014 12:49PM EST
Defining the Average Column

To define PADS columns click the “Settings” tab in the top right hand corner

You may define how the average column is created.  By default it will import the Marking Period grade coming directly from your Skedula gradebook as you can see below. 

We also provide the option to average in the HSST Report Card Score from another marking period.  This may be useful to a user who has not used the Skedula Gradebook

You may also be interested in adding particular columns from to your PADS grid to assist you in entering your Marking Period scores. 

One example would be the addition of the Marking Period % Present column.

On any column you decide to add be sure to click the “Save Settings” button at the bottom of the page. 

The added columns will appear to the left of the PADS grading grid.  See below

PADS Rules Setup

Rules can be used to enter multiple values on any column of the PADS grid page.  To define rules go to the top right hand corner of the PADS grid screen and click the “Rules” tab.

The rules screen looks like this:

Be sure to check off the rule you want to apply

To use this rule again on another course be sure to click “Save Rules”

Once you are ready to use the rules, click “Apply Selected Rules”

Commonly Used PADS rules

If you have been using the Skedula gradebook throughout the marking period you may want to approve ALL marks in a course in one shot.  See below

To do so the rule should look like this:

All grades will be rounded up or down as seen below

You may also want to give all students with a certain grade a particular comment.
For example, let’s say I want to give every student with a grade higher than 85 a comment of Excellent progress made in this subject .  See below

This rule translates to: Find every Mark that is greater than 85, and replace the Comment1 column with the Specific Value comment code of 1056 which translates to: Excellent progress made in this subject
If you added the MP % Present you can create rules based off that column.  See below for an example

This rule translates to: Find a student with a MP3 % Present that is less than 50% and give these students a comment in Comment2 of 1002 which translates to: Excessively absent (more than 2 days/month)
See below for a rule based off the Marking Period Homework Average
This rule translates to: Find a student with a Marking Period 1 Homework Average less than 65% and give these students a comment in Comment3 of 1066 which translates to: Does not complete homework assignments

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